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A Family Photo Session at our studio in Crawley at the hugely reduced price of £20.00, which includes an 10”x8” folder print of your choice from the session. Quote “desire2dance”
Offer closes Feb 15th 2011

Equine Portraits

My photographic services for the keen Equestrian.

I am very flexible about the location of your shoot. Yard / stable visits, shows, events, or just a hack out.

The Equine Preparation section has some background information about preparing for a shoot.

The Equine portfolio section has a small sample of my work, from portrait to events.

A shoot can be done at any time,and I will provide secure preview samples on this website.

I would suggest getting a group of riders together for a picture session.

This price includes travel costs within a 30 mile radius of my base.

Horse photography is not a production line. My equestrian photography is exclusive & bespoke. Horse photography can be carried out anywhere in the UK or abroad.

If you would like to use my services or inquire about any pictures on the site, do not hesitate to contact me

Preparation is the key

Equine Shoot Preparation
Preparation is key for your equine shoot. To help produce the perfect image of your horse, please take a moment to read this section.

Your photographs
Before the shoot, I would need some ideas as to the sort of photographs you would like me to take. Make a note of what you are hoping to achieve or cut out some example photos from magazines in advance.

The location
Think about a good location. Livery yards can be full of equipment and parked vehicles that produce distracting backgrounds. Do you need to move things before the shoot? If there is no spot that is suitable, consider a shoot at an alternative location.

Weather and light
Think about the season, time of day and weather conditions. These factors contribute to the direction and quality of the light and how your horse will appear in the final results. Bright sunshine isn’t always the best option. It can cast deep shadows that may not favour horses with bright or dark coats.

If we have rain on the day of your shoot, we will re-arrange at no cost.

Your horse
Your horse should be washed, groomed and the bridle 100% clean before I arrive. Unless of course, you would like these jobs to be photographed as part of the shoot.
If you’ve just removed the saddle and bridle, brush the horse down. Sweat marks leave an impression in the animals coat and while you may not notice them they are sure to stand out on a photograph.
An alert horse with head and ears up makes for a really good portrait. A handful of pony nuts or a favourite treat should be to hand. Props such as a squeaky toy or even a pocket mirror that the horse hasn’t seen before can produce the desired effect.